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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by gigantes
no... no point in my posts. i'm obviously here to wind you up.

but pardon me for having a flawed opinion on something, forcing you to jump in to my reply to someone else and detail all the ways in which i was wrong. what an annoying inconvenience. pardon me also for not being particularly interested in defending every nuance of my highly-flawed POV to your complete satisfaction. again, that must totally suck for you. really, i can't believe you're forced to live in a world in which losers like me exist. it's so incredibly unfair.

Who said you couldn't have an opinion? Get as defensive as you like, you still don't make sense, and you're just avoiding some more. Am I supposed to just make all my posts vague generalizations just to appease you or something? Going into any kind of detail, elaborating on a point and supporting a point is somehow a bad thing? Are we all supposed to just make bland statements to each other with no underlying value to them?

The Internet is full of forums devoted to people having discussions where people *gasp* actually have discussions which generally involve more than just opening statements with little to nothing supporting them. People have had countless arguments like what I've been doing and I don't see people complaining like you do. But no, you're the victim here. God forbid I ask you to elaborate on anything or I try to explain anything.

Piss or get off the fucking pot already.
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