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Default Re: Predict the heat record in the next 8 games

Originally Posted by It's A VC3!!!
BK losing to Miami?
Gerald Wallace will completely lock LeBron down and force him to 3-19 shooting.
Wade or Chalmers is not stopping Deron or Joe. Lopez is going to score 30 on Bosh or whichever victim feels like guarding him.

The LeBron lock down was blown out of proportion but Wallace will certainly be pesky against LeBron.

I think the Nets win.
Dude lebron didnt shot that bad in his career since his rookie season.During his rookie season he had two 2-13.

BTW they may not stop joe or deron,how in the world do you expect them to stop miami backcourt.Miami offense is much better than nets'.

Bosh vs Lopez decided advantage on bosh side.Both offensively and defensively bosh is better.

Back to the topic i think they are gonna lose 2 games(probably LAC and memphis)
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