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Originally Posted by lilojmayo
what was your workout?
Trainer had me for an hour, but it was more like an hour 15. First 30 minutes was two ball dribbling drills, most at half speed some at full speed. Then he brought out cones and had me do crossovers on both sides, finishing with layups. Then we did a full court layup drill starting from the left for about 10 minutes. Since I was about to die he gave me a break and we worked on form shooting for about 5 minutes. Then another 8 or so minutes of the full court layup drill on the right. Then we finished off by him making me get a ball and go up and slap the backboard with it 50 times, and since I half-assed it the first time I had to do another 50. Last workout was pushups with a ball, do 1, rest, do 2, rest, do 3, rest, etc until 10. The pushups really kicked my butt there at the end.
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