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Default Re: how much debt do you have?

Originally Posted by heyhey
you are lawyer right? did u get a scholarship or u staring down some hefty numbers?

I got a small scholarship but I have a lot of debt. I'm kind of embarrassed by the number. I have a little over 75k left. I have debated moving in with family for 5 years and living on pb&j and paying it off. But, I'm too chickenshit to do that.

Sucks because I've been talking to a contact for a job with a large non-profit that works with inner city kids and tries to put them on track to a better life. It sounds awesome. It would give me time to coach AAU etc. I would also have my loans forgiven in ten years. Downside, I would have to move up in the corporation and wouldnt gain marketable skills. I hate that money is starting to rule my life choices. Debt sucks.

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