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Default Re: how much debt do you have?

Originally Posted by IGOTGAME
don't do it bro. go to this site and ask about the climate for attorneys. it just isn't the right time. go get some life experience and revisit this idea in the future if you must.

Wait, your a lawyer? I've really been considering possibly taking a year or two off and getting a job related to my degree to save money for law school and avoid debt. I'll have a double major BA in Poli Sci and International Relations. I'm also spending next semester in Washington working with the DoD, so if things go really smoothly I may just try to hold a job down there.

I've heard how the climate isn't spectacular for attorneys right now, but I do have a few connections that could possibly land me a job. A very good family friend who is going to write me a letter of recommendation for Columbia (his alma mater) has always been saying he'd help me break into the field once I finsished school makes me think I should just keep pushing with the education. Plus, who's to say things won't look better in 3 years when I finish law school?

My older brother already finished law school and works up in Chicago right now and is actually making really good money, but all my professors basically say the same as you. What is it about the current state of the economy that makes becoming an attorney not worth it right now?
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