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Default Re: The Walking Dead

I'm not trying to whine, rant or vent, but there's a few key things that I wish they would have kept the same, all the filler stuff, "small storylines", "shock value", I'm completely down with.

There's stuff in the comics that IMO makes the characters who they are, gives them a more depth, feeling and overall there's a stronger connection, siding with them when they have to make the tough choices and even more loss when they meet their end.

There's certain scenes that would have hooked more people, like Dale's death for example, getting bit by the walker that Carl didn't kill to me just didn't do it for me, in the comic he has a way more EPIC death:


he gets bit, leg amputated "a la Hershel" and then gets captured by cannibalistic hunters who begin to eat him, "Tainted Meat." He sits there laughing and Rick and company come in to pick them off, Andrea being the awesome sniper that she is..
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