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Default Re: Why aren't I getting better?

Biggest thing is learning your strengths and weaknesses.

AI was the player that got me to fall in love with bball so naturally I tried to emulate his style of play growing up but that just didn't suit my skills and I didn't learn that until around 17. Trying to emulate D-Wade with explosive crossovers when I was younger worked because I developed as an athlete more quickly than other but once everyone matured I had to adjust.

Honestly, the best thing I can tell you is learn to use your dribbles efficiently. More than 3 dribbles in the half court is a waste of movement unless you are playing point. The triple threat is the best weapon I ever learned. Pumps, jabs, step-throughs, etc.

I never learned to play out of the triple threat until I realized I was better off using my dribble as a striaght line move instead of lateral movements. The best advice I can give is learn to streamline your game and learn your strengths and weaknesses.

Also, get inside and try to get some boards. Boxing out, getting and offense board, and putting in an easy lay-up is an nice way to get some confidence and flow within the game.
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