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Default Re: Why aren't I getting better?

Do drills man, over and over again. I got better mostly through training, I use pick up games to analyze my weaknesses.

It's a constant learning curve for me, I write things on my iphone on things I need to improve.. then I research on how to improve them (as you can see from my posts here in streetball forum haha). Youtube is a great tool, I usually analyze what players do on certain situations i.e. (why did he drive right?, why did he step back etc.)

Best thing that helped me is doing fundamental drills such as being able to go left or right, 1 dribble pull up, left/right hand up layups. Thing is you gotta do this a lot, it needs to stick to your instinctive "game" so that you arent even thinking and you just do it in-game.
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