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Default Re: Cox Cable and Time Warner Cable at odds over Lakers channel

Originally Posted by Crown&Coke
do those whose cable providers have gone ahead and made the deal with TWC, did your current provider send you something in the mail or email or something to tell you that you can now watch Lakers games?

A buddy at work didn't get any notice, and only found out when he was channel surfing.

I got Dish, I would hope to get something from them telling me that its a go (when and if they do come to an agreement), and what channel and all that. Pretty lame how all them kept us in limbo and we gotta search and find out on our own that we can finally watch the damn game

and will they charge us more than our typical bill for it?
no they most likely wont send you anything just keep a eye out with the news. some are trying to put it in their sports package or just charge extra money for it but twc wants it as a basic station so they get more money from what i have read.
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