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Default Re: Why aren't I getting better?

Originally Posted by IGOTGAME
I'm trying to help him out. He is never going to be good at basketball. Maybe he will get that and spend his time doing things that will make him happy.

****, you're a negative **** aren't you?

First, basketball does make me happy, I enjoy everything about it and love playing it.

Second, I'm not bad for only playing for a few years. I'm a solid ball handler and have a good mid range game and solid defence and understanding.

Third, basically by saying 'I'm not getting any better' is by over the first year or two, I improved relatively quickly, but now I feel as though I have reached a point and my skill level has plateaued. I have not seen much improvement, if any at all as of the last say 5 months.

I always expect perfect games from myself, whether it be pick up or in the local league, and It frustrated me not being able to do what I believe I can.
I feel like I let the team and my self down.

And even if basketball is my hobby, or whatever your hobby is, wouldn't you like to strive to improve yourself in what ever the task is?
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