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Default Re: Lakers beat Pistons for first win of season. Now 1-3

Originally Posted by dd24
You're making the Pistons sound worse than they are. Sure they'll likely be in the lottery again this year, but they do have some very good young talent on that team. That front line of Drummond & Monroe could be one of the better ones in the league in a year or two. One big question mark for the Lakers this year was if their legs would be able to keep up with some of the younger teams in the league. While it's not a great win, it did show some good signs of things to come for LA. I'm not getting overly excited about it, but there's definitely some positives to take away from it.

LMAO......."Sure they'll likely be in the lottery again"........that is your defense?
That's like a murder trial defense lawyer saying "He only killed him a little"
Obviously they are not the level of competition we need to be able to until we beat a very good team there is nothing to really get pumped up about IMO.
The fact that Steve Blake looked good supports my point......we KNOW on defense again is moot, energy itself doesn't equal good is important yes, but weaknesses are not exposed by bad teams. Be glad we won...sure, I'm glad we won.....but that's all that can really be said about 1 me a team in NBA history that didn't look good for at least 1 Even Smush Parker and Kwame had All-Star level games......but the HOF will not be calling

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