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Default Re: Gasol off the bench?

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
Yes its easy....but there was hustle. Its not like the lakers just stood still with their arms up and prayed detroit would miss. They were moving their feet, they were hustling for loose balls.

If they played defense the way they did against the pistons, in the previous three games, they'd probably be 3-1 right now. Not 1-3.

Sure.....they were doing the right things but.......surely you understand the difference between covering good experienced players with a good coach/ good system compared to playing a young inexperienced bad team with a ? coach........hmmmm maybe you don't.
It reminds me of a big tournament I won with a new assistant coach. We were scouting our next opponent, they had extremely high energy non stop for the entire game, they trapped the other team without mercy and blew them out by over 40 points. My assistant was scared and actually asked how we were going to be able to beat them......I laughed and said we'd beat them by at least 40, he thought I was completely nuts........we were up 55-19 at the half and won by over 40. I gave my team a few simple instructions on how to use their aggressiveness against them and the rest was just us doing our thing. Never overrate what happens against a bad team.
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