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Default Re: Halo 4 and Halo CE anniversary edition announced

Originally Posted by GatorKid117
I saw some gameplay with a guy using the Saw. That gun kicked some ass.

Its cool that multiple weapons can actually be utilized now.
It's amazing

Also, If I may add something. I'd rent Halo 4 for the campaign (it's good but EASILY beatable in 6 hours. (beat it with friends on co op in 4) and see if it's worth a purchase for multiplayer if you've never played Halo before.

Also, I'd agree with Intrinsic, I remember being 11? when Halo came out and I wanted to play Reach pretty much from that point, because they built it up really well throughout the trilogy (and especially in the books which the first three are really good btw) I was pretty psyched when like 6-7 years later they finally announced they were making Reach.
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