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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Originally Posted by Bucket_Nakedz
saw wreck it ralph. really good movie; surprised me. i took my nieces with the boat load of movie tickets my girl bought from groupon.

movie started out slow, a bit too slow. it was nice seeing all these video game characters you grew up with, but the humor in the beginning was hella dry. some of the jokes felt too adult oriented - but seeing as this is a "family" film, i kinda expected lighthearted and goofiness from a disney flick.

the thing that made the movie for me was that little girl. once she came in the picture, the movie took off in spades. my god that little girl was hilarious and cute. one of the best characters in disney history, yes i said it, HISTORY! she made the movie for me. such an amazing character with a great arc.

my nieces really enjoyed the movie as i did, and they told me they wanted penelope (i think thats the little girls name) stuff for christmass lol. i think disney did a great job on their first 3d animation flick. will definitely cop this movie for me and them when its released on blu-ray.


Agree big time that first 30 percent or so of movie was meh... slow and humor was trying way too hard and failing. The last half though was EXTREMELY good and the last 30 mins made me tear up a couple times. I'd give it an 8.5.
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