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Default Week 10 Game Thread and Discussion

Indianapolis at Jacksonville 8:20 PM
NY Giants at Cincinnati 1:00 PM
Tennessee at Miami 1:00 PM
Detroit at Minnesota 1:00 PM
Buffalo at New England 1:00 PM
Atlanta at New Orleans 1:00 PM
San Diego at Tampa Bay 1:00 PM
Denver at Carolina 1:00 PM
Oakland at Baltimore 1:00 PM
NY Jets at Seattle 4:05 PM
Dallas at Philadelphia 4:25 PM
St. Louis at San Francisco 4:25 PM
Houston at Chicago 8:20 PM
Kansas City at Pittsburgh 8:30 PM

This is a week where we can really see some distance start to open up between some of the division leaders and the teams chasing them. NY, SF, Atlanta,NE,Den can all put themselves in really solid positions with wins. Dallas/Philly has the potential to all but end one of those teams seasons. (Dallas looks solid but confused while Philly looks like they want to quit so i'm big on Dallas there).

Thanks NFL for the crappy games on Thursday and Monday night.
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