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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

My bad for my brief hiatus lol. I drove all the way to NYC to exercise my right to vote! Hope you guys did as well. (those of you who can).

Look, I'm known for being critical when most people are on cloud 9. There are certainly things that I noticed that concern me. However, I'm going to start this post off fittingly. THAT WAS AN IMPRESSIVE WIN! Now you guys know I'm pro Melo and I defend him when I feel he's being unfairly cast as the scapegoat. Melo played pretty well but I have to give the lion share of credit to Mike Woodson. I disagree with some of his philosophies but what he's been able to do with this team deserves its just due. Nevermind our record under Woodson. I'm extremely impressed with us beating 2 quality teams in consecutive years on back to back games. Usually, even if it's a bad team, you concede that you'll lose one of the two. We've won in Indiana back to back and in Philly bakc to back. That's impressive! Furthermore, it's extremely advantageous toward potential seeding. At most, at Philly can do is tie in our season series. So even if they get Bynum back and become a totally improved team, the most they can do is split. To win via blowout at home, then go back to their arena, knowing they have something to prove, and do it again...that's not only impressive but shows veteran moxy. Furthermore, Philly came out swinging and we weathered their storm. We chipped away and maintained our composure. I have to give credit where it's due. Go Knicks!

I was impressed with a lot of players but a few that stood out:
Sheed- I haven't seen Sheed in the post in years! His confidence is is that of a guy that knows, while he'll never be the player he once was, he knows what he's doing out there.

JR- This was JR's best game this season and maybe as a Knick. No, he didn't have wow factor numbers but he played under control. He hit tough shots when we needed him to. He played stellar D. He set guys up off the dribble. He had that monster dunk. Most importantly, he didn't play like a bonehead. I was VERY impressed by JR.

Ronnie Brewer- Wow! If we can get games like that out of Ronnie, we'll be in good shape. He didn't set the world on fire but he gave us solid minutes that you should be able to expect out of your starting SG.

The bad:
Prigioni- I feel bad because he plays his butt off. He's fiesty on D. But my goodness, his handle is SOOOOOOO suspect. On that JR Smith dunk, he literally just let the ball go because he has ZERO playmaking ability. All his good plays on offense were due to horrendous pick and roll defense by the Sixers...completely uncharacteristic of a Doug Collins coached team.

Sheed's temper- The old Sheed was aching to come out. He's a tech waiting to happen

Chandler- He had some good blocks on help defense but he's still missing entirely too many defensive assignments.
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