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Default Re: Best Reference Made To Basketball In A Rap

Yea, yo, yo, yea, **** it

When I spit it get ****ty like the teeth of Mike Bibby
Live from nowhere keep the west coast with me like J-Kidd

Slay chicks if she pretty, only fugitive you know slay chicks to be Diddy
No system electricity, spine the mind with it
Tryna go 50/50 with my Billboard's check
Like 800 first week, 800,000 the next
They put on the cover of the Vibe I just might flex
Na, I'm too lazy, with hennessy and hoes
But I bench pressed the trigger of a four pound though
Hit enemies with rolls for money shows and clothes
**** bank rolls, I'm yellow gold with incredible flows
My homies sellin coke, 'cause nothin' love nobody
Said he like the free spirits with slugs to plump your body
'Til you shrug and flop like Vlade Divac

Paint picture perfect, inside rockin' the b-bop
We not confused, raps the ***** news
Each rhyme a "Minority Report", **** Tom Cruise
Adversity my muse, that's why I make mus-ic
Transmit SARS, it's 20 bars as you spit

c/o ras kass on jedi mind trick's rise of the machines
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