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Default Re: GOP Butthurt Thread

This is a scary, NSFW language, butthurt video of epic proportions.

"I offer my opinion...I don't CARE if you like it or not. ***Thank you for all the VIEWS you Ron Paul loving douchebags!!! The views, unlike YOU, will REMAIN on my channel forever. Ha. Ha. Ha.*** Thanks a bunch, Paulqaeda.

I allowed over 180 of your worthless comments. If there'd been more than 3 of you that anything worthwhile to say, I probably wouldn't have disabled the comments. You've got to be the most un-educated, simple-minded fools in this country. YOU are WHY we are IN the situation we're in. Your problem is that YOU can't recognize that fact. YOU and your families will pay the price. You now know what will befall them. Whether you seek to help them or not is up to you. How good of a person do you think you are?"
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