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Default Re: GOP Butthurt Thread

Originally Posted by Droid101

LOL. One of my favorite quotes from Anchorman.

Also is that the same Shelley from the youtube video? That woman's going to be in jail soon. I really love the narcissism how pissed she is people won't share her videos or Facebook posts.

Other than the Druge Report, I wonder who she follows.

EDIT: She's drinking Butterscotch Schnapps during this rant.

EDIT: 12 minutes in she turns on Sarah Palin

EDIT: Yeah, it's the same Shelley. She mentions her name in youtube clip.

EDIT: She's going through all the stages of grieving. She just came to the acceptance that Obama is not going to be impeached over Benghazi.

EDIT: She's a big Breitbart and Glenn Beck fan.

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