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Default Re: GOP Butthurt Thread

i swear if Democrats lost they'd be a lot less vindictive and probably congratulatory towards the winner accepting their defeat more graciously, since they're less fanatically partisan. its the same with a lot of the politicians. people here keep acting like both sides are the same way but its just not true. even during debates so many Republicans will never admit if a Republican gets pwnd and spin it, but when Obama got schooled by Romney many Democrats were willing to own up to that fact.

to me its just typical of them to keep fighting and denying they lost, and endlessly fight Democrats and their agendas. even after losing the Presidential election they're still trying to fight the idea they lost. its the same with many of the politicians that opposed anything and everything Obama tried to do in his 1st term. Democrats tried working with Republicans, especially Obama giving in to a lot of their demands to get their votes that the far left criticized him for, but you just won't see that with the right. i wish people would stop pretending they're the same
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