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Default Re: Mike Brown is going to cost us a championship this year & next


In some ways, this comes back to Jimmy Buss. He rushed hiring Mike Brown. The joker Jimmy Buss waited ONLY two weeks after P-Jax retired and hires Brown completely out of the blue. May 8, 2011 - Lakers got swept by Mavs. May 25, 2011 - Lakers hired Brown. TWO WEEKS.
Jimmy didn't even interview everyone that wanted the job (there were MANY candidates), didnt even speak to Kobe or any of the players until AFTER Brown was hired. At that time, Stephen A Smith said that Kobe was on vacation the week Brown got hired. He had no idea that they were even speaking with Brown until after Brown was officially hired.

That means that it was Jimmy's ego being involved along with his strong dislike for Phil. "Ohhh, Phil can be easily replaced by anyone. Look here.. Brown will be just as good as Phil with the team we have. Watch me do this MY way, Phil."

Now THAT is coming back to bite him in his ass. Remember, the summer Phil retired, jimmy wasn't even speaking to Kobe directly about making different moves and other Laker changes. Since then, Kobe/Jimmy have seem to have become closer. Too late now... Even I could have told you that Brown is incapable of being a headcoach of a team like the Lakers. The reason why he was coach of year was because of LEBRON JAMES carrying Brown in his backpack in the WEAK EASTERN CONFERENCE (3 good teams - Cavs, Celtics, Magic. THATS IT.).

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