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Default Re: Mike Brown is going to cost us a championship this year & next

Originally Posted by VegasLakerFan
Seems like this clown is trying to be clever for the sake of being clever. MWP as a 2? Jamison as a 3? WTF? He also seems to dismiss players *cough* MEEKS *cough* and is too damn stubborn to change his mind.
It is quite telling how Kobe and Pau responded to the press about being put back in the other night. Does that sound like respect to anyone here? Could you imagine them saying that about the decisions of a Jerry Sloan or Pjax?
Hell NO!
The real problem with this team is not the offense- the team is actually quite good already. The problems will continue to be two things;
Rotations and adjustments- and those fall solely on the shoulders of our idiot coach.

I was saying it all last year......All the players in the NBA know Mike Brown is a complete idiot and nobody respects him. I mean seriously, go to any middle school and you'll find better basketball coaches. It's amazing that a guy who lacks an understanding of the game has actually been able to talk his way into great jobs.
Yes, Jimmy the Drunk hired this idiot in a chest pounding Brown is trying to be the smart guy by putting guys into new positions......the WRONG positions. He thinks that if it works he'll look like a genius
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