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Default Re: Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck Lakers!

Originally Posted by LamarOdom
What are they doing? I don't give a fucck that they lost the problem is that they are walking around doing nothing chilling..

Ya fucckin sons of whores there's a reason you get payed millions of f*ckin dollars every months and that's so you go out and give your best every damn game not fucckin walk around chillin like you are on a damn vaccation.

Howard that motherfuccker can't even hold the ball downlow losing it what theee fukc happened to your clown ass hands? and oh wait this niqqa can't even hit a fu*kin free throw to save his bastard sons life, niqqa you get paid 17 mills a year try hittin the gym and work on your free throw eh? And where is this fukcin three time defensive player of the year=

Kobe well of course this cokcsucker goes around the court doing nothing all game long until the damn fourth quarter where he wants to try the save the game so after the game everyone can call him clutch, hey Kobe a advice it's actually possible to win games through three quarter and you know something? you're a whore and can suck my dick.

Steve Blake you ugly piece of trash if you can't pass the ball, can't drive, can't defend, can't hit mid range J can you at least hit WIDE FUCCCCCKIN OPEN THREES?

Pau Gasol you weak ugly Spaniard go fukcin learn som from your damn brother will ya? for your national team that didn't even pay you to participate you played good ha? but when someone gives you 20 mills you gon go soft? well you know you can fukc yourself and I hope Kobe fukcs your girlfriend.
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