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Default Re: Mike Brown is going to cost us a championship this year & next

imo MB is a pretender. he talks well about what needs to be done, what he wants to do and how he will get there. but thats all talk. all his yelling, standing up, walking on the sideline is for the front office and the fans. he just wants them to show that he has done verything he could during the games. but in detail, calling and drawing plays or getting the rotations right, he looks horrible to me.

my biggist argument against him is, that he plays Kobe lot sof minutes early in the season with a sore foot. if you have a plan and know your offense and defense will work, you dont worry about those losses. you keep on working. but he is in panic mode, because he thinks he will be fired soon. thats not the sign of a great coach.

every day i get more and more respect for Lebron James and how well these Cavs played despite MB.
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