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Default Re: New Raptor Kyle Lowry brings 'bulldog' mentality to team

DALLAS - Kyle Lowry’s ankle injury is a low ankle sprain, not a dreaded high ankle sprain.

That means the injury, suffered Tuesday, isn’t as bad as it appeared to be at first glance.

Lowry was on the trainer’s table, getting treatment, prior to Toronto’s game Wednesday in Dallas.

When Lowry got hurt during training camp, he tried to convince Toronto’s staff to put him back in immediately. They didn’t listen and he was rested until he returned to 100%.

Head coach Dwane Casey expects Lowry to try the same thing this time around.

“Knowing Kyle, he’ll get back as soon as he can,” Casey said.

Especially since Toronto’s next game is against Lowry’s hometown Philadelphia 76ers on Saturday night at the ACC.

However, the wise thing to do would be to hold Lowry out for a bit longer, since the last thing he or the team needs is a lingering injury. Few injuries stick around longer than ankle sprains.

Casey said the Raptors will still try to be a pick-and-roll type of team with Jose Calderon starting for Lowry.

“We’re not mature enough to change (the offence) midstream (to compensate for Lowry’s absence),” Casey said.

I'm guessing he'll be out for the week ?

Would be crazy if he played on Saturday.
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