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Default Re: Jim Buss speaks.

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
He's just bsing. Honestly don't expect him to say "yeah mike brown is a sh*t coach, but with not many on the market, and since we've invested all this cash, we're kinda stuck with it until it worsens."

Do you remember when Kobe would have Smush and Kwame Brown's backs all the time? Right after those dudes were traded, Kobe talked about how "back in the day those guys were on the team and now they aren't really playin".

Believe me. Im sure Jimmy believes a change needs to come. If anything his dad probably still is involved and contacting coaches around the league that are available (it better freaking be sloan). Until then Mike Brown is "doing a fine job" or whatever the heck these phony politicians call it.
I agree with Lakerfreak here...he probably just say it while he have someone prepares plan when the time is right, he can just fire him. If he does it too soon, it can sink even faster and people may blame it partly because of him.
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