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Default Re: Week 10 Game Thread and Discussion

You're right, we probably could'nt gotten someone better in the 2nd. But who cares? Sign him outright next offseason and have a new 2nd round WR/OL/S/DL going into his 2nd year. Unless you think Vontae Davis is the missing piece to winning the Super Bowl next season (he's not).

And he's not that good. He's been anything but amazing, that's nonsense. There's not a single CB on the Colts who's had anything but a single good game. Every DB not named Bethea has been shit basically the entire season.

I'd have done neither though. Trading and signing players that aren't QBs very rarely pay dividends. You draft on cheap contracts, built them into your system, and let some other idiot give you a 2nd round pick for am "all world potential" CB or let them walk.
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