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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by Clutch
We are so used to bitching that even when we start the season 3-0 and beat the 3 playoff teams (one of them are the current champions) by an average of 20 points we still need to find something to bitch about (example:that Prigioni play).

If we went 82-0 and won a championship without losing a game people would still bitch about how our 15th player is incompetent and that we need to find someone better
That's how it is. Regular life of a sports fan.


Some of us are so used to seeing others overract and act like everything is perfect as long as we're winning. But when we start losing again, they look for someone to blame...usually the wrong person. The good franchises stay good because even when they win, they aren't complacent. You find a lot of good things in your losses and a lot of bad things in your wins. Just because we're winning, it doesn't mean all of a sudden Prigioni is better than he is. When you have that mentality, you get contracts like Jeremy Lin's lol Just sayin.

There's a difference between bitching and pointing things out. Bitching is what Mike Breen does. When I watch basketball, I like to dissect it from every or lose. That's just my thing. To each is own.
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