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Default Re: Net Fans, are you jealous?

Originally Posted by niko
I just paid the Nets a compliment, i think Avery is their main problem. Not the roster. Your thoughts?

Is Lin a Net? Shouldn't i have bashed the rockets?

BTW, no YOU HATE THE NETS shit. This is about the 100th time i said Avery is a shitty coach, going back to the first time the nets hired him. They don't play hard for him, his offense is an offense only because Deron makes it so, and his forte, defense is their weakest attribute. I find it hard to believe he is a good coach for Deron, Lopez, etc. when they don't give him their best effort. Lopez not rebounding coincided with him being there.

I didn't think he was a shitty coach...but he looks awful...I can't stand him.
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