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Default Re: Net Fans, are you jealous?

Originally Posted by niko
Nobody has any opinion on Avery as the Nets coach? They are a top 5ish type team in the East, and they have all new players, high expectations, and their coach is ehh. It's not a terrible topic although maybe im wrong...
we just talked about this in the nets subforum. for someone who recently said they want to be a nets mod, um... where were you?

in any case, i'm not crazy about avery as the nets coach, but i'm not sure how much he can really get out of this group. pretty much every rotation player is a poor defender with the exception of crash. i think you'd need a clever X's and O's to make up for that kind of thing, but i'm not sure that was ever avery's strong suit.

more and more i think zach lowe nailed what the biggest problem of all is. in other words, the weakly-defending hump might be a stopgap player that's not really seen as a long-term part of the team, but one long-term, maxed-out, semi-franchise player a big key to everything that happens on the floor:

specific examples with pics / video:
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