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Default Re: UFC SUPER FIGHT Georges St. Pierre vs. Anderson Silva

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
I can see why Silva is heavily pushing for this fight.

- He should be the heavy favourite going into the fight.

- He probably doesn't have too many fights left in him at this high level so, smartly, he wants some big-time paydays. That's why a Silva-Weidman fight will probably never happen even though he looks like a decent contender.

Other than the huge one-time payday, I don't see why GSP would be eager to do this though. He still has several years left and he's going to be a big draw regardless of who he fights. I don't think he's close to being done with WW either.

Exactly. Aside from Weidman and MAYBE Munoz (who probably isn't even in the discussion anymore after that last ass whooping he took) Silva has completely cleaned out the MW, just like Jones has COMPLETELY cleaned out the LHW unless you believe Phil Davis or Gustaffson has a chance. Either way, seeing those 2 go up against anyone else in their division has lost almost all appeal because nothing will be a challenge and we've seen almost everything once.

GSP on the other hand has sat out for almost 2 years. In that time there's a whole new group of WW's to see him again in brand new matchups, from Condit to Nick Diaz to Hendricks (and Rory if it ever came down to it, but I really think GSP will save Rory for his retirement fight as a "passing the torch" fight).

Silva and Jones are cruising at 70mph while GSP just pulled out of the driveway again. There's still a lot more for him to do before he gives up another year or so getting ready for AS
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