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Default Re: Suns down 26 points? No problem. 3rd biggest comeback ever in franchise history.

Originally Posted by Cermet
Gortat has been beasting with the blocks!
But remember, he's a product of Nash.

lol I find it funny, as he's actually played BETTER since Nash has been gone. I think Nash tried WAY too hard to force the ball into him on the pick and roll and all that crap. Gortat doesn't need the pick and roll that to be effective on offense. He just needs to watch for offensive boards the majority of the time. And if another player draws a double team and Gortat's man has to leave him, they will find him open and feed it into him for easy buckets in the paint. This ALREADY seems like it's happening a lot more this year due to Nash not needing the ball in his hands on every single play. And besides, he has some solid post moves and a nice finesse hook shot + short range jumper. He's not terrible at backing other centers down and creating his own shot.

But tbqh, the overall passing and ballsharing of the team has improved tenfold, despite the "best passer of all time" not being on the team anymore. I notice a bigger variety of players getting assists and moving around, feeding each other the ball from different parts of the court, where when Nash was on the team the players would often just be standing around waiting for Nash to feed the ball to them.

And last season(especially late in games) Nash would often just dribble the ball at the top of the key and have his teammates standing around completely stagnant until there would be like 6 seconds left on the shot clock, and THEN he would finally run a play and have the whole team scrambling for the ball. It just looked like a complete mess. So many turnovers and chucking up bad shots with a split second left on the shot clock. I'm so glad that part of our offense is gone.

Maybe relying on Nash having the ball in his hands every single play wasn't as beneficial to our offense as we thought it was the past few years(especially since Gentry became coach). I'm just not missing him anywhere near as much as I thought I would be. It almost seems beneficial for the team to have him finally gone, as weird as it is to say.
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