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Default Re: James Harden goes up against elite defender in Iguodala and....

Originally Posted by Go Getter
Rebounding numbers can be misleading when A. Parsons is sent on the break. B. Asik is getting the majority of the rebounds as a space eater. And C. they let Li. Get boards to start breaks.

Again, you expect your guards to protect the rock first and foremost.

If you give all the credit to Lin and Harden when they win and play well you have to give them some blame as well. Patterson has shot the ball surprisingly well at least to me and Harden and Lin have cooled off a lot (Lin shot well tonight).

It's not all Parsons and Patt....the team just really isn't that good overall.

These are fair points. There are weaknesses on the team, I'm not convinced that the backcourt is to blame.

The coaching style has resulted in a really stagnant offence, which is hurting both Harden and Lin. Asking Harden to ISO by himself all day long and Lin to go stand in the corner all day long is negatively impacting both players. If they wanted a spot up shooter from NY they should have paid for Novak, not Lin.

Also there's no point trying to turn Harden into Melo, cause he just isn't that kind of player.

There is no post play at all and Asik while great on defence is providing little to no offensive threat. He just can't catch the ball, so forget about alley-oops.

This is making it very easy for opposing defenses to clog the paint and focus on Harden and Lin.

Add to that in the last couple of games I've seen virtually ZERO strong screens set for Lin, considering this was his bread and butter at NY, I find this utterly baffling.

He took 9 shots last game and 10 total this game. What's up with that? If I'm McHale, I'm telling Lin that he needs to have at least 15-20 basket attempts in the game, no matter if he makes or misses. And no, that doesn't mean he should jack up 3's from behind the arc like Westbrick on a bad night.

Right now there is just too much pressure on Harden, Lin is being underused and his coaches aren't putting any real faith on him. But it's an inexperienced, young team, so you expect some teething problems. Hopefully they work it out sooner rather than later. IMO to say that the players aren't good enough is short sighted.

Look at the Lakers, with their star studded line up. Their plan has been Kobe ISOing kinda like Harden isoing for the rockets, while Nash is neglected like Lin. Poor strategy and coaching made these legendary players(talking about Lakers) look like scrubs last few games. So blaming the players on the rockets when there are so many obvious strategic weaknesses is unfair.
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