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Default Re: Suns down 26 points? No problem. 3rd biggest comeback ever in franchise history.

i gotta give credit to goran dragic

he really took it to kyrie defensively, and it got to him. early in the third, kyrie got called for a charge, pm a 50-50 call, that would have been an and1, then dragic started to really pressure him, and it got to kyrie. he got really aggressive, and for a good few minutes he scored or assisted on almost all of our baskets. he is usually a very controlled guy, but dragic really seemed to get under his skin

it was fun to watch, two guys really going at it

Originally Posted by Derivative
i missed the fourth quarter. where was irving in the fourth? looks like he didn't score a single point in that quarter

dion had it going in the 4th, and scott had him initiate the offense instead of irving

EDIT: also, telfair managing to run out like 5-10 seconds off the clock, when we were trying to foul, was the most frustrating moment of the season so far.

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