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Default Re: Week 10 Game Thread and Discussion

Originally Posted by Carbine
The Ravens didn't have it locked up. Texans were 10-4 heading into the Indy game....the Ravens were 11-4 with one game remaining, on the road vs. the Bengals.

The Texans were certainly playing for a potential first round bye when we played you in week 16. If you beat us, then if Baltimore lost the next week and you won.... you'd have a first round bye. Nothing was locked up at the time of the Indy game.

You didn't even rest your starter against us. All of the guy who could play, played.

I doubt Baltimore would of lost to Cincinatti if they knew home field advantage was at stake. And we did rest a starter. Perhaps you know who Andre Johnson is? Yeah, he's sort of a big deal. Either way, the Colts probably will get the week 17 win against the Texans because of the Texans resting their starters.
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