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Default Re: How do you USA black christians feel about your Islamic/African roots?

Originally Posted by DCL
u got a point. every latino's surname in south america is like sanchez or hernandez.

The whole world's people are a reflection of war and history. It's funny I hear racist people around me hating on Spanish (the language). I believe its because they see it as a Mexican language, hahaha its like people forgot how Spanish was introduced to the new world. Spain was as brutal as any European power.

It's no coincidence Spanish, English and French are the most widely spread languages. Christianity and Islam being the 2 largest religions is largely due to military expansion. When given a choice of converting or dying, people choose to convert. The Atlantic slave trade was unbelievably horrible and cruel, but the Arab slave trade was probably have been worse in terms of number and cruelty. People today forget that Islam was the dominate power in the world during the height of the Abbasid Caliphate and the Ottoman empire. Islam was spread to eastern Europe, northern Africa, the middle east and western Asia.

The reason we see the Chinese as one people and one nation, is largely due to war and genocide. America was founded on largely the same thing. Southern Europeans (eg. Sicilians) look different from northern Europeans, due to Moorish invasions etc. Why history has always fascinated me.
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