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Default Re: Official rehire Phil Jackson even if he's in a wheelchair thread

Originally Posted by crisoner

But remember Phil lets players play outside of the Triangle at times.

But best coach would be Sloan or D'antoni with this lineup.
The good thing with Phil is that 3 of your starters already know the triangle in Artest, Kobe and Gasol. The latter 2 of which has spent nearly their entire careers playing under it. Nash is also one of the smartest players in the league along with Gasol so I just literally couldn't see how that wouldn't work under Phil. I honestly don't know that much about Dwight's basketball IQ/smarts but from his interviews he seems to have an "intelligent" type of humor to him so I couldn't see him being one of those steep learning curbs kind of learners either.

Either way how could you not hire the GOAT as your coach.. Phil would be a huge step up in literally 99% of the teams in the league and that includes Miami. (Spurs is prob the only team where its debatable)
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