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Default Re: CIA Director Patreus steps down.

Originally Posted by DCL
i believe he probably got a lot of extra ass outside his marriage, but i don't believe he stepped down for this reason.

Well he stepped down probably because the affair was soon to be public knowledge. The affair was discovered by the FBI when they were looking into a harassment complaint against Paula Broadwell. In that case they looked into her email and saw all these emails to and from the general. This opened up possible security issues with Petraeus. So it goes to his professional judgement as well.

The F.B.I. investigators were not pursuing evidence of Mr. Petraeus’s marital infidelity, which would not be a criminal matter, the official said. But their examination of his e-mails, most or all of them sent from a personal account and not from his C.I.A. account, raised the possibility of security breaches that needed to be addressed directly with him.

“Alarms went off on larger security issues,” the official said. As a result, F.B.I. agents spoke with the C.I.A. director about two weeks ago, and he learned in the discussion, if he was not already aware, that they knew of his affair with Ms. Broadwell, the official said.

Supposedly the White House found out Wednesday night and the President Thursday morning.
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