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Default Re: Net Fans, are you jealous?

Originally Posted by gigantes
very little of that made any sense to me, especially since the season has started and topics have shifted to issues of play... especially since i noticed that you recently asked jeff to make you a nets mod.

you come across as a weird mixture of decent poster / troll, honestly.

At one point, niko was worth responding to and worth reasoning to. But then, he all of sudden developed full-little man complex and decided to turn into an unreasonable and jilted troll. He's what Euroleague/Lakas Fan is to the NBA, Knoe Itawl is to Kobe, etc..

The sad thing is that he claims to be a Knicks fan, but that fandom is only fueled by his disdain for the Nets. It's really sad. I don't think he enjoys the Knicks winning for their success other than to see the Nets put down. He hates the Nets for really no apparent reason. Moreover, he'll represent all Nets fans by the 1% obnoxious fans we have. For the most part, Nets fans are realistic on this board from gigantes, to MTing, to Netsfan..but for some reason he'll use the loud, boisterous fans to represent what we're all saying.

I've given up on him. Maybe Prok slept with his wife. I don't know. For whatever reason, the guy just has some incredible animosity towards a team that's historically bad. It's like a rich guy who sees a poor guy gain some success and wants to continually beat him down to make sure he's poor again. My guess is that he's a raging conservative republican too.
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