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Default Re: Official rehire Phil Jackson even if he's in a wheelchair thread

Sloan is double edged sword. This team offensively similar to late 90's Jazz team. Howard & Nash can play pick and roll like Malone & Stockton and Kobe can still shoot the ball more than Hornacek. It might work like a unstoppable machine. However, he is crazed about hustle and defense and he is known with his temper enough to clash with Kobe,Nash etc. He isn't laid back persona like Phil Jackson.

Phil Jackson is still best choice. He knew how to use Shaq, he knew how to use Gasol, he knew how to use Kobe. He is good at having bunch of superstars with egos and make it work beautifully.

I would love to see D'antoni on Lakers. I have no idea if that works but it would be full drama and also most fun to watch like Suns.
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