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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

Originally Posted by dak121
Ty Detmer comparison? Are these announcers idiots?

He's RGIII 2.0, similar athleticism, similar offensive system. Detmer played mostly played against glorified high school teams at BYU while robbing the Heisman from Rocket Ismail.

Manziel is getting it done against real defenses. Absolutely awful comparison.

Today, so far, he's getting it done against a "real" defense. Before this he's played two defenses ranked in the Top 5 and got beaten by both, putting up an average of 18 ppg.

The rest? So Carolina St? SMU? Arkansas? Ole Miss? Looks like 1 is ranked in the Top 70, none in the Top 50.

He's not much bigger than Detmer and he's not Griffin, who is a generational type athlete. I don't see the comparison being that far off, especially given the kid has played not quite a season.

ETA: I've been one of those waiting for Alabama to play vs a real passing game for a couple seasons. They put up big stats against SEC offenses, most of which come straight out of 1980.

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