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Default Re: Suns down 26 points? No problem. 3rd biggest comeback ever in franchise history.

Originally Posted by wagexslave
What I wish was surprising, but really isn't considering our track record when it comes to drafting players(and developing them), is how terrible Markieff Morris looks. Just another first round bust to add to the Suns list. -_- I had high hopes for him at the beginning of last year too. But he's not looking like he's going to be relevant at any point in his career. Inconsistent bench player that can put up a decent line every once in a while.

I guess he's a step up from Earl Clark and Alando Tucker? lol That's definitely looking on the bright side...

But I mean... holy sh*t did he look terrible last night. Couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. Yet Gentry left him in the game for 24 minutes and allowed him to go what... 0 of 9 from the field?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? lmao Wow... That's inexcusable.
yea give all his minutes to scola and beasley at this point give more minutes to tucker at the sg and dudley at sf. He could be in a sophomore slump or he could just have regressed since his rookie year. Either way I agree with you its both disappointing and inexcusable
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