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Default Re: Suns down 26 points? No problem. 3rd biggest comeback ever in franchise history.

Originally Posted by wagexslave
Anyone else watch this game? That was crazy! The Cavs were on FIRE early on, but the Suns hung in there and didn't give up, slowly but surely chipping away at the lead little by little and eventually stealing the game right at the end. Proud of this team... there's quite a few new faces on the roster, a lot of young guys who haven't played with each other before(and no star players either), and yet they manage to come together when they're struggling and pull off a comeback like this so early in the season. That's a good sign for the future.

Also some REAL TALK, why the hell does everyone think Shannon Brown sucks so much? He's been an amazing pick up for the Suns even since we signed him and started giving him more minutes last year. It seems like the more minutes we give him, the better he plays. He's been surprisingly clutch for us. He has elite-level athleticism. He's been one of our most consistent scorers when we're down need someone to step up and make shots. He's one of the hardest working guys on the team. He comes off the bench behind Jared Dudley(despite Dudley playing like sh1t this year), yet he accepts this role, doesn't complain, and still hustles and produces like a starter the best he can. And to top this all off, the Suns have him for dirt cheap (2 years/7 million).

So why does he have such a bad reputation? I was so glad we just re-signed him for a cheap, short term contract instead of giving someone like Mayo $10mil a year(which is what he reportedly tried to get from us) for similar production levels.
Nice, hope you enjoyed it.

I'm surprised some bozo's didn't come in here and say that this isn't impressive since it happens every day as someone said about Minny's 22 point come back against the Nets.
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