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Default Re: Only Wilt, Oscar, Bird, and KG have averaged 20, 10, and 6+. Can LBJ keep it up?

Originally Posted by wpdougie2180
I know that what I'm saying is only 8 guys even avg. 10 rebounds last year (excluding a couple of guys with 9.6 and up to 9.9). And only 3 guys were 20/10 guys in the whole league. All I'm saying is it's very difficult too avg. 10 rebounds in today's league.

Just because you don't have a lot of dudes averaging 10+ RPG doens't mean it's difficult, or more difficult than it ever was, I mean Gasol averaged 10.7 RPG playing alongside Bynum who also averaged 11.8 RPG, Love can average a whole bunch of rebounds, LeBron plays many times PG on offense and also guards perimeter players sometimes and was still able to average almost 8

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