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Default Re: Anyone live in North Carolina?

Originally Posted by AK47DR91
They love basketball and NASCAR. Land is flat unless you drive out west to Winston-Salem and Ashville areas. Durham and Raleigh areas is a lot better than Charlotte(kinda ghetto).

That's all I remember during my 2-year residency in NC when I was a young teen. Still got distant relatives there; cousins and in-law's.

Yeah I live in the ****ing ghetto.

Charlotte's a great city. Small enough to feel like a small town but big enough to have a major airport, major league sports and world class restaurants. I live 2 hours from my mountain house and 3 hours from the beach. We have 4 seasons: spring, summer, fall and late fall. We recently hosted the Democratic National Convention and got rave reviews.

The research triangle is fun because of the 3 colleges there: UNC, NC State and Durham Clown College (otherwise known as Dook). I go back to Chapel Hill several times a year and always have a great time.

I wouldn't live anywhere else.
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