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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

Originally Posted by bisk
I just mentioned 2 others, but those are all bottom level teams.

Ole Miss? Lost to Texas 66-31 and lost to Vandy. Their wins over div I-A teams have a combined record of 10-30.
Mizzou? Lost to Vandy and beat nobody of consequence.
Why should I believe both or either would be ranked if they played in a different conference?

Look, to put things into perspective: Let's say Oregon loses to Stanford, The Irish lose against USC and KSU loses to Texas. They all get 1 loss. You could end up with 5 SEC teams that all deserve to be in the top 5 if you want things to become ludicrous.

Georgia, Florida and South Carolina all played against each other and so did LSU, 'Bama and Texas A&M. You almost basically got to hope that not a single team in the whole BCS with a half decent schedule ends up undefeated or your dreams are crushed. Because as I said earlier, it's a freaking miracle you get through the SEC undefeated.

The problems go beyond just the SEC. I will say that I'm not a fan of this SEC entitlement BS. Yeah, they have a nice conference, but not all the teams have to play all the tough teams. Georgia's resume isn't that impressive for example. Some make it seem like only SEC teams have to play tough opponents. The problem isn't that the SEC is too tough or some nonsense like that, but it's that the system in place sucks. A playoff system would alleviate some of it.

T.A&M also loses to LSU but beats the 'unquestionable' number 1 in the country Alabama.

That was an assumption, which is commonplace in college football.
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