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Default Re: What will be the most heartworming story this season?

Originally Posted by Shepseskaf
You must not recall that Oden's health problems were front and center during the whole draft assessment process. Some bodies just aren't built for the rigors of an NBA season, and I suspected early on that this was the case with him. Finding out that one leg was congenitally shorter than the other was another negative revelation.

I just thought that Durant had a higher ceiling and deserved to be the #1 pick. The whole 1984 MJ-Sam Bowie dilemma played out all over again -- and in the same city. I'd always rather draft the better player, rather than the best player for a position.

After watching Durant at Texas, there were clear indications that he could be a superstar on the next level. I never got that feeling watching Oden play.

There were the warning signs of course, but to predict Oden would be injured his entire career is nearly impossible.

I'll have to agree to disagree.

While I think durant has an amazing ability to score and do a little bit of everything, I still don't think he's on Lebrons level and he certainly didnt have as high ceiling as Oden did. Durant's frame is too skinny, his defense is poor on bigger bodies, he too often goes for his jumper when he should be driving it to the hole more. Oden had very few flaws. One is uncontrollable being injuries, and the other was ft shooting but even that wasnt bad. Yes, Portland made the wrong decision and should of went the safer option with Durant, to avoid criticism of selecting another Bowie, but on the other hand, they would of made the right call if Oden's injuries had disappeared.
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