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Default Re: What will be the most heartworming story this season?

Originally Posted by poido123
There were the warning signs of course, but to predict Oden would be injured his entire career is nearly impossible.
No, it wasn't. If one leg is longer than the other, you're 7' and 280lbs, and you run up and down a court for a living, that seems to be a permanent problem to me.

Also, people were constantly invoking the image of Sam Bowie, who's career was cut short by injuries. There was lots of speculation that the same thing might happen to Oden.

While I think durant has an amazing ability to score and do a little bit of everything, I still don't think he's on Lebrons level and he certainly didnt have as high ceiling as Oden did.

KD was touted to be a superstar. He's lived up to that, led the league in scoring for three consecutive years, and is right behind LBJ for regular MVP consideration. How much higher of a ceiling can a player have?

Oden had very few flaws.

I'm going to stop right there. You clearly haven't seen Oden play, and obviously have no clue as to what you're writing. I'm not going to waste my time educating you on how godawful wrong that statement is.

If you feel the need to discuss this topic again, do yourself a favor and get hold of a fact or two.
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