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Default Two houses just straight up exploded in Indy last night

Just completely gone, nothing left. Over a dozen other homes took damage. Somehow only two deaths, as of now. Explosion was felt for miles, and nobody knows what happened yet.

IFD is reporting a second fatality in the explosion on Fieldfare Way. And 18 homes are confirmed damaged around where the explosion occurred shortly after 11 p.m. Saturday. It forced the evacuation of an area of several blocks, and families won't be allowed back in because the cause remains unknown pending further investigation.

"Every investigator in town is here sorting through the rubble tonight," Indianapolis Fire Department spokeswoman Bonnie Hensley. "We don't know if there are more victims.

Some witnesses have said they thought it was a plane crash. Others have said fireworks, or a gas explosion is possible.

Gas has been cut off to the area.

Nearby businesses have donated food and water to the evacuation shelter at Mary Bryan Elementary School where at least 200 people had been to in the hours after the incident. The American Red Cross is caring for people as well.

And this was I believe in Beech Grove, these aren't little 2 bedroom ranches or something. They're large 250k+ homes made of brick. And nothing's left.

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