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Default Re: When Did Dwyane Wade Become So Hated?

Coming from a guy who used to view him as a favorite player, I dislike him now because he complains and whines about every-thing. Phantom calls, phantom-no-calls.

At home court he stares down the ref before he rushes back to defense, often leading to the Heat having to fight 4 on 5 against running opponents. AND i'm talking about the vast MAJORITY of plays. Calls that don't go his way, shots that go in but he didnt get the and 1. Every super star does this, but it just seems like he does it the most.

Also when it comes to other super stars, at least with Kobe, it appears as if Kobe gives it his all even if he complains to a ref. Wade often times just seems so non-chalant after a no-call, as if he's so pissed that he just doesnt want to try the next possession. It's hard to describe, but I think many others who dislike him will agree.

His play has also been very in-consistent the last few years, frustratingly so especially as a fantasy owner. I understand injuries play a part and etc, but he just rubs me the wrong way now.

That's my reasoning. I don't hate him. I don't like using that word too much, especially on people who are simply doing work just to entertain us. I just dislike him. Hope that explains a little.

P.S : Also that one year where he had a sticker of his name on his glasses during the all star weekend. Sorry if I barf.

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